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Please drop us a line. We added this contact form. We had to take the easy “hot” email link to reach us off our website (too much spam). If you are a human being, not a machine or a bot, who wants to get in touch with us, we are happy to respond. We are looking forward hearing from you.

Sorry, we can’t get the contact from 7 form to work again. If you are a human who reads this, you can write to us at: hui.pohaku add here the you know what sign

    Privacy Policy: The Rock and Mineral Society of Hawaii does not provide, sell, trade or rent email addresses or other personal information to anyone outside the organization. Email newsletters are sent with ‘undisclosed recipients’.

    PS: No, we really do not want to buy any gold dust from Africa or gem stones or lapidary equipment from unknown sources or boost our SEO. If your email sounds fishy it will just be deleted.