Hawaii Minerals on display for the first time

In February 2018 at the Main Show in Tucson, Arizona:

Dsiplay cases with Hawaii minerals in two dispaly cases
Minerals found in Hawaii on all islands

Many people in the mineral world have heard of the huge Übermineralshow in Tucson Arizona every year (or dream of going there).

It all started decades ago with a small mineral show organized by Tucson’s mineral club. Grown into another large event in town it is still lovingly known as “the main show” in the Tucson convention center.

The ‘main show’, traditionally for the last 4 days of the two-weeks events, charges an admission fee and has the world-famous display cases with amazing minerals on exhibits – not for sale… Many people are drawn to these display cases (camera or phone in hand) with some of the most outstanding minerals from private collections.

We feel very lucky and honored to have been invited to display not only one, but two display cases with minerals from Hawaii for the very first time. One case focusing on lava and the other on minerals.

As far as we know this is the very first time such a large amount and variety of our very own Hawaiian minerals (all from private collections) where on display in one place in the USA.

Yes, many of the minerals have been in France already at the Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Show in 2017. The French know what’s good and rare…

Hawaii minerals on dispaly in Tucson Main Show in 2018
Minerals found in Hawaii
Minerals found in Hawaii

A closer look at minerals from Hawaii

Minerals found in Hawaii

Quartz Crystals from O‘ahu

Yes, there are quartz crystals in Hawaii.  Hard to find, but here you go:

Quartz crystals from Hawaii
Quartz crystal from O‘ahu, Hawai‘i