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This list will grow, also fueled by feedback or question we get about visiting Hawai‘i.

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Looking for other mineral shows? Try this link:

Return Lava Rock to Hawaii (see what others have to say about it…) In an effort of scientific fairness many of us living here are quite convinced that the so called “Pele’s Curse” is a modern myth with various origins. Cleverly created decades ago, this myth is perpetuated (by copying and pasting, the favorite sport on the web) by the Internet. Here are just two links (link1 link2) how it might have started in so called ‘modern times’…

Waimanalo Market

Zahana – Participatory rural development in Madagascar (As the volunteer webmaster of our Hui Pohaku site I have taken the liberty to link to my other project, Zahana in Madagascar, I am very involved in.)

Hawaii Food Policy Council

Kokua Mau – A Movement to Improve Care

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